Framing the Drone Issue

by Barbara Kidney, a founder of Drone Alert Hudson Valley

Jeffrey Smith, anti-GMO activist and author of Seeds of Deception and Genetic Roulette, has framed anti-GMO activism as an unique and extremely important opportunity to save nature and biological life. Never before, he posits, have humans had the opportunity to do this, because never before has the technology to destroy genetic integrity existed.

The issue of predator and surveillance drones can be framed in a similar perspective. Never before has there been such a threat to privacy and safety— to the basic unalienable rights of humankind. By taking a position against the use of predator and surveillance (spying) drones, we take a stand for respecting unalienable human rights and against the use of violence for settling (or causing) disputes and for grabbing resources of other political entities (theft).

The specific issues of GMO’s, predator & surveillance drones, and others (fracking, nuclear energy, massive swindling by financiers, etc) can be seen as specific symptoms of the more fundamental problem of sociopathic plutocracy. Sociopolitical systems have been & continue to reward sociopathy, narcissism, and money hoarding, resulting in a situation in which most decision-making power is given to uncaring, extremely greedy, narcissistic people devoid of ethics.

If this trend continues (in which extremely foolish, self-centered, personality-disordered people) are given the most decision making power, obviously, our planet is doomed. On the other hand, if a quorum of sane and ethical people act against the dysfunctional, immoral sociopolitical system and act toward a functional, moral sociopolitical system, we can repair our planet and live in peace and justice. We who are sane, ethical, and assertive thus have an unparalleled opportunity to save humanity and, more importantly, the entire planet, from complete devastation.


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