A Reply to Senator Gillibrand

New York Senator Kristen Gillibrand sent those on her “Gillibrand for Senate” e-mail list a 4th of July message this year that assured readers, “[w]hether you celebrated the holiday barbecuing, watching fireworks, or just relaxing with people you care about, please know that you are making a real difference in changing the face of government.” The senator, who “has supported efforts to make Central and Northern New York leaders in the military’s development of the remotely-piloted drone aircraft,” was answered by Drone Alert Hudson Valley co-founder Barbara Kidney:

Actually I spent the 4th leading a rally for our unalienable rights. We recited the second & third sentences of the Declaration of Independence- you know, where Jefferson states that the purpose of government is to secure & protect the unalienable rights of the people, including their life, liberty, safety, & happiness, & that when government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it.

We considered these ideas in light of our current government, hijacked by sociopathic corporations, & so which forces on us policies which destroy our rights, including health & safety- fracking, bomb trains along the Hudson, ecosystem-destroying Monsanto running the Dept of Agriculture, no taxes for astronomically wealthy & often earth-destroying corporations, constant comprehensive surveillance, prosecution of whistleblowers like Manning & Snowden who, just like Jefferson, point out high crimes & misdemeanors of corrupt officials in office- like Obama, for instance. And random murders of people by drones, & Obama’s trashing of rights that had been part of Western law tradition since the days of the Magna Carta (1215).

Then later in the weekend I participated in an action protesting & warning people abt the bomb trains that the federal government allows to run along the Hudson & through all the cities along it. We commemorated the Lac Megantic disaster of a year ago, which has permanently chemically poisoned the town. And we noted the dumping of 100 or so gallons of Bakken crude into the Port of Albany this weekend, & the earthquake this weekend so close to decrepit, expired Indian Point nuclear plant, which has nowhere to contain its radioactive-for-100,000 years spent fuel rods, but would love to have communities in upstate NY be toxic dump sites for them.

So no, I’m not feeling complacent, & I am fully aware that the Democratic party is fully part & parcel of this destructive madness.

Barbara Kidney


2 thoughts on “A Reply to Senator Gillibrand

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