Vote Hawkins/Jones for Governor!

campaign-logo-940v2Hello Friends,

Tuesday, November 4 is Election Day. New York State voters have an opportunity to take a strong, effective, yet remarkably easy action toward social and environmental justice by voting for the Green Party gubernatorial ticket on Row F.

Green Party gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins stood with other protestors against predator drones at Hancock Air Base near Syracuse. In a town meeting in New Paltz this past July (organized by Margaret Human et al.- thanks, Margaret!), Howie answered a question posed by Andrew of Drone Alert, and Howie made it clear he is against assassination by drone, as well as surveillance and intimidation by drone, and militarization of police departments- unlike the other gubernatorial candidates.

Check out Howie’s full platform online at Also check out the Oct 22 gubernatorial candidates debate online, to hear Howie easily win by clearly & intelligently speaking about the issues, against a backdrop of poorlyacted & badlyscripted drivel from the Republicrats (or is it Democrans?)

The Green Party platform is clearly antifracking and anti-nuclear; progreen, safe, sustainable energy; against Common Core and for evaluation of students and teachers by respected, experienced teachers (rather than by profitdriven private corporations); for $15 minimum wage; for fair taxes (decreases for the poor and middle class, increases for the wealthywhat a concept!); pro-Earth friendly agriculture; prohumane treatment of wildlife (Cuomo‘s administration supports the current situation of leg traps that result in death by drowning of beavers and other wildlife— yep, this is legal in our fair state and Cuomo supports it). For a comprehensive and clearly written description of the Green Party platform, go to the website.

But if you want to support Wall St banksters, more pipelines filled with highly combustible fracked petrochemicals, storage of toxic fracked byproducts in rural NY, quite probably actual fracking, etc., then vote for Cuomo. If you want all of the above plus more nuclear radiation & return of assault weapons, then vote for Astorino. (By the way, it matters not if you vote for Cuomo on the wolfinsheep’s clothing Working Families’ party line, or on the Democrat lineCuomo is still Cuomo. And if you consider yourself pro social justice and environmental health and you vote for Cuomo, well then, in a remarkable display of self-defeating foolishness, you have just voted for your political enemy).

Let’s not blow this magnificent opportunity, people! Come Election Day this Tuesday, vote Green! Not Machine!

To peace & sanity,
Barbara Kidney
Drone Alert Hudson Valley


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